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[ pri-zen-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that presents. present.
  2. a person who presents present an award, as at a formal ceremony.


/ prɪˈzɛntə /


  1. a person who presents something or someone
  2. radio television a person who introduces a show, links items, interviews guests, etc; compere
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Word History and Origins

Origin of presenter1

First recorded in 1535–45; present 2 + -er 1
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Example Sentences

I was once told that a presenter should change a slide, add a build or include an animation every 90 seconds of a presentation in order to keep the audience’s attention.

The most recent iteration of movies’ biggest night featured no comedians, however, but rather a cast of presenters who were mostly actors and actresses.

Until they get back to their full strength, however, publishers and presenters will have to put up with smaller amounts of revenue from their digital events.

From Digiday

Attendees will be limited to nominees and their guests and presenters.

From Time

Featured artists will perform their sets on four stages, according to Rolling Stone, and one will be set aside for presenters.

CNN presenter Fareed Zakaria has been hit by another wave of plagiarism accusations.

But, the presenter points out that their wind power development has leveled out for the last year.

It was all foreplay, however, for the best presenter banter of all time.

Known activist rapper Common, a presenter: “How about a moment of silence for Ferguson?”

Casey Kasem is remembered for many things: for his career as a Top 40 radio presenter, for years spent crying “zoinks!”

He then gives the presenter another piece of forged paper, drawn on some neighboring bank.

This shadow will under the direction of the "middle man" follow the "presenter" into the bank and report fully on his actions.

It I would explain the enormous content of the brain as a maker or presenter of images.

The citizens did not omit to show their hostility against the presenter of the petition.

And the few not so endorsed have been also paid on the guarantee of the presenter, or some person of known credit.


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