or pric路y

[ prahy-see ]
/ 藞pra瑟 si /
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adjective, pric路i路er, pric路i路est.
expensive or unduly expensive: a pricey wine.
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Origin of pricey

First recorded in 1930鈥35; price + -y1


pric路i路ly, adverbpric路ey路ness, noun
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What does pricey mean?

Pricey describes something that is expensive or unreasonably expensive, as in Talya wanted to go on the world cruise, but the tickets were so pricey.聽

Pricey is a highly subjective description, because everyone鈥檚 budget is different and everyone鈥檚 opinion about what an acceptable price is for a product or service varies. You鈥檒l use pricey most often when you think the cost of something is much higher than you want to pay, whether or not a majority of people think that same item is pricey.

You might also use pricey to describe something that is more expensive than others like it but that provides a higher value or quality in return. In this case, pricey would be an acceptable quality.

Example: The hotel was a bit pricey, but we had a good time.

Where does pricey come from?

The first records of the term pricey are from around the 1930s. It combines the term price, meaning 鈥渢he amount something is bought for,鈥 and the suffix -y, which creates adjectives meaning 鈥渃haracterized by or inclined to.鈥

Pricey is always used informally but is sometimes used in reviews or journalism. When critics review a place or product, they may consider the cost of the item as part of the review and may use pricey to describe something they think is overpriced. Pricey is also frequently used to describe neighborhoods and cities that have an above-average property value or rental cost.

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What are some other forms related to pricey?

  • pricier (adjective)
  • priciest (adjective)
  • pricily (adverb)
  • priceyness (noun)

What are some synonyms for pricey?

What are some words that share a root or word element with pricey?聽

What are some words that often get used in discussing pricey?

How is pricey used in real life?

Pricey is most frequently used as a negative feature.



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C. budgeted
D. costly

How to use pricey in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pricey



/ (藞pra瑟s瑟) /

adjective pricier or priciest
an informal word for expensive
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