or pro·so·po·pe·ia

[ proh-soh-puh-pee-uh ]
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  1. personification, as of inanimate things.

  2. a figure of speech in which an imaginary, absent, or deceased person is represented as speaking or acting.

Origin of prosopopoeia

First recorded in 1550–60; from Latin prosōpopoeia, from Greek prosōpopoiía “personification,” equivalent to prósōpo(n) “face, person ” + poi(eîn) “to make” + -ia -ia

Other words from prosopopoeia

  • pro·so·po·poe·ial, adjective

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/ (ˌprɒsəpəˈpiːə) /

  1. rhetoric another word for personification

  2. a figure of speech that represents an imaginary, absent, or dead person speaking or acting

Origin of prosopopoeia

C16: via Latin from Greek prosōpopoiia dramatization, from prosōpon face + poiein to make

Derived forms of prosopopoeia

  • prosopopoeial or prosopopeial, adjective

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