or psyche

[ sahyk ]
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verb (used with object),psyched, psych·ing.
  1. to make happily excited or full of eager anticipation: Your stories about Edinburgh have psyched me more than ever for my trip there next year!

  2. to prepare mentally and emotionally so as to be in the right frame of mind to do one's best (often followed by up): He sat with his eyes closed in the aircraft, psyching himself for his first parachute jump.

  1. to intimidate, make nervous, mislead, etc., in order to gain an advantage: A good chess player knows how to psych the opponent.

  1. Sometimes sike . (used after deliberately misleading someone, to let them know they’ve been fooled):I’ve decided to put the house up for sale, and the agent is coming by in an hour . . . Psych!

Verb Phrases
  1. psych out. See entry at psych-out.

  2. psych up,

    • to prepare mentally and emotionally for a challenge: I have to psych myself up for the annual family reunion.

    • to create excitement and eager anticipation in: Beach parties, road trips, stargazing, barbecues—here are 10 tunes to psych you up for summer!

Origin of psych

First recorded in 1915–20 in earlier sense “to subject to psychoanalysis”; originally a shortening of psychoanalyze; in later use (especially in defs. 2, 3 ), perhaps as independent use of psych-

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[ sahyk ]

  1. psychology, especially as a course or field of study: She took two semesters of psych in college.

Origin of psych

First recorded in 1890–95; by shortening

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[ sahyk ]

  1. psychedelic: stunning psych colors and patterns.

Origin of psych

First recorded in 1985–90

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  1. variant of psycho- before some vowels: psychasthenia.

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  1. psychological.

  2. psychologist.

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/ (saɪk) /

  1. (tr) informal to psychoanalyse: See also psych out, psych up

Origin of psych

C20: shortened from psychoanalyse

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