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What does pts. mean?

Pts. is an abbreviation for several terms, such as points, payments, parts, pints, and ports.

Although abbreviations can be used in both speech and writing, pts. is rarely used in speech, perhaps because it’s not easily pronounceable as a word.

Pts. as an abbreviation for points is commonly used by stores and restaurants that reward customers with points for purchases, which may be applied as a discount on future purchases. Simulations, games, computer benchmarks, and other technical products may measure statistics in points and use pts. in its visuals. You are also likely to see pts. used for points in reference to sports, especially on social media or in on-screen text.

Pts. and similar abbreviations are commonly used in casual writing and in limited spaces, such as tables and graphics, but are often discouraged in many types of professional or formal writing, such as news stories, academic papers, and legal documents. When writing essays for your classes, your teachers may give you directions on what types of abbreviations, if any, are OK to use in your writing.

Example: The team was up 15 pts. by the time we started watching the game.

Where does pts. come from?

The first records of the abbreviation pt. for part come from around 1654. The first records of the abbreviation pt. for pint come from around 1650. Abbreviations are commonly used to write or say something quicker or to save space.

Many times, whether an abbreviation is in capital or lowercase letters will change what the abbreviation stands for. When an abbreviation is in all capital letters (called an initialism), each letter represents an entire word or sometimes an important part of the word, and often it’s the first letter in the word. PTS is an initialism for Posttraumatic Stress, a series of symptoms that lead to anxiety, fear, anger, or other differing moods as a result of physical or emotional trauma. PTS is most commonly discussed as a symptom of PTSD, or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. There are several resources available for those diagnosed with PTS to use when suffering, such as the NAMI HelpLine (1-800-950-6264 or text “NAMI” to 741741) and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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What are some other forms related to pts.?

  • pt. (singular noun)

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How is pts. used in real life?

Like many abbreviations, pts. is used in casual writing and in places where space is limited. It often stands for points.

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You can use pts. anywhere you would use the spelled-out term it stands for, such as points or parts.

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