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  1. an act or instance of pulling out; removal.

  2. a withdrawal, as of troops or funds; pullback.

  1. a maneuver by which an aircraft levels into horizontal flight after a dive.

  2. a section of a newspaper or magazine that is complete in itself and may be removed and retained: a 24-page pullout of barbecue recipes.

  3. an area at the side of a road where drivers may pull off for emergencies, to rest or view the scenery, etc.; pull-off.

  1. designed to be pulled out or removed: pullout compartments in a desk.

Origin of pullout

First recorded in 1815–25; noun, adj. use of verb phrase pull out

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How to use pullout in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pull out

pull out

  1. (tr) to extract

  2. (intr) to depart: the train pulled out of the station

  1. military to withdraw or escape or be withdrawn or rescued, as from a difficult situation

  2. (intr) (of a motor vehicle, driver, etc)

    • to draw away from the side of the road

    • to draw out from behind another vehicle to overtake

  3. (intr) to abandon a position or situation, esp a dangerous or embarrassing one

  4. (foll by of) to level out or cause to level out (from a dive)

  1. an extra leaf of a book that folds out

  2. a removable section of a magazine, etc

  1. a flight manoeuvre during which an aircraft levels out after a dive

  2. a withdrawal from a position or situation, esp a dangerous or embarrassing one

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Leave, depart, as in The bus pulled out at noon. [Mid-1800s]

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