/ (ˌpʌlsəˈtɪlə) /

  1. another name for pasqueflower

Origin of pulsatilla

C16: from Medieval Latin, from pulsāta beaten (by the wind)

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How to use pulsatilla in a sentence

  • pulsatilla is the proper medicine to palliate and regulate the symptoms.

  • I always find a few drops of aconite or pulsatilla,——I have my homœopathic case with me now.

  • Consult index for agitated fear of aconite, melancholy of muriatic, priapic pulsatilla.

    Ulysses | James Joyce
  • No wonder they believe in the efficacy of a similar attenuation of bryony or pulsatilla.

    Medical Essays | Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
  • For a male, Nux Vom., and for a female, pulsatilla will generally afford immediate relief.