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  1. a cardinallike grosbeak, Cardinalis (Pyrrhuloxia) sinuatus, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having a bill superficially resembling that of a parrot.
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Origin of pyrrhuloxia

< New Latin Pyrrhu(la) finch genus (< Greek pyrrhoúlas a red bird, derivative of pyrrhós red) + New Latin Loxia crossbill genus, equivalent to Greek lox(ós) oblique + -ia -ia
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  1. a grey-and-pink crested bunting, Pyrrhuloxia sinuata, of Central and SW North America, with a short parrot-like bill
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Word Origin

from New Latin Pyrrhula genus of the finches (from Greek purrhoulas a flame-coloured bird, from purrhos red, from pur fire) + Loxia genus of the crossbills, from Greek loxos oblique
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