[ kwat-er ]
/ ˈkwæt ər /
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(in prescriptions) four times.
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Origin of quater

From Latin
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What does quater mean?

Quater is a Latin term used in medical prescriptions to mean four times, typically in the Latin phrase quater in die, meaning “four times a day.”

Quater in die is sometimes abbreviated as q.i.d.

Example: The pill is to be taken quater in die—that means four times a day.

Where does quater come from?

Uses of quater meaning “four” are recorded in English as far back as the 1600s. But today its use is limited to a Latin phrase that is usually (hopefully) translated into plain English as “four times.”

When the pharmacist gives you the medicine that has been prescribed by your doctor, they provide instructions for how to take it, such as how many times per day, and with or without food. The medical field uses Latin for all kinds of technical terms, and many pharmaceutical notations are also based on Latin terms, such as per os for “by mouth.”

If you see quater in die or q.i.d. on your medicine bottle, you’ll know you need to take it four times a day—hopefully because it also says “take four times a day.”

Similar notations include quaque die (q.d.) for “every day,” bis in die (b.i.d.) for “twice a day,” and ter in die (t.i.d.) for “three times a day.”

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What are some synonyms for quater?

  • four times

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How is quater used in real life?

The word quater is used pretty much exclusively in prescriptions and other medical contexts.


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If your prescription says to take it quater in die, how many times should you take it in one day?

A. 1
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C. 4
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