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[ kwee-es-uhns, kwahy- ]


  1. quietness or stillness; inactivity or dormancy:

    After a year of apparent quiescence, the region’s cities have once again erupted into street demonstrations.

  2. Biology, Medicine/Medical. the state of producing no symptoms; remission, as of a disease, tumor, or other disorder:

    Periodontal disease may be characterized by episodes of activity followed by periods of relative quiescence.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of quiescence1

First recorded in 1620–30; from Late Latin quiescentia “rest,” from Latin quiescent-, stem of quiescēns ( quiescent ( def ) ) + -ia ( def )

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Example Sentences

Rapture was self-transcending, which led to quiescence, tranquility, and catharsis.

During that period, there were long pauses and periods of quiescence that could lead one to believe that the revolt had subsided.

That quiescence possesses neither of the features which together constitute an act an offering of genuine obedience.

The royal speech had announced that tranquillity prevailed in Ireland; but yet that country was not in a state of quiescence.

A reparative period of about four days follows, and then a period of quiescence until the next menstruation commences.

These, I think, were her two chief pleasures, beyond that of mere quiescence.

The foolish quiescence into which the shock had at first stunned him began to give way to a rising passion that thawed his heart.


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