[ rey-dee-oh-free-kwuhn-see ]

noun,plural ra·di·o·fre·quen·cies.
  1. the frequency of the transmitting waves of a given radio message or broadcast.

  2. any frequency within the range of radio waves, microwaves, and electromagnetic wireless signals. Abbreviations: RF, rf

Origin of radiofrequency

First recorded in 1910–15; radio- + frequency
  • Also ra·di·o fre·quen·cy .

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How to use radiofrequency in a sentence

  • radiofrequency power is supplied to the dee by a vacuum-tube oscillator.

    LRL Accelerators | Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
  • Ions are accelerated only when the radiofrequency is decreasing (Fig. 5).

    LRL Accelerators | Lawrence Radiation Laboratory

British Dictionary definitions for radio frequency

radio frequency

    • a frequency or band of frequencies that lie in the range 10 kilohertz to 300 000 megahertz and can be used for radio communications and broadcasting: Abbreviations: rf, RF See also frequency band

    • (as modifier): a radio-frequency amplifier

  1. the frequency transmitted by a particular radio station

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Scientific definitions for radio frequency

radio frequency

  1. A frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the range at which radio signals are transmitted, ranging from approximately 3 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz. Many astronomical bodies, such as pulsars, quasars, and possibly black holes, emit radio frequency radiation.

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