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[ ree-ak-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that reacts or undergoes reaction.
  2. Electricity. a device whose primary purpose is to introduce reactance into a circuit.
  3. Immunology, Veterinary Medicine. a patient or animal that reacts positively towards a foreign material.
  4. Chemistry. (especially in industry) a large container, as a vat, for processes in which the substances involved undergo a chemical reaction.


/ rɪˈæktə /


  1. chem a substance, such as a reagent, that undergoes a reaction
  2. short for nuclear reactor
  3. a vessel, esp one in industrial use, in which a chemical reaction takes place
  4. a coil of low resistance and high inductance that introduces reactance into a circuit
  5. med a person sensitive to a particular drug or agent

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Other Words From

  • nonre·actor noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of reactor1

First recorded in 1885–90; 1940–45 reactor fordef 4; react + -or 2
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Example Sentences

This is how the Nuclear Navy builds the appropriate level of knowledge and right temperament to deal with shipboard reactor operations.

The study also finds that, contrary to what those in the industry seem to expect, focusing on standardized designs doesn't really help matters, as costs continued to grow as more of a given reactor design was built.

The government says it wants to see small-scale reactors built, too.

From Fortune

Typically, a nuclear plant is either producing or not, but the modular design allows the Carbon Free Power Project to shut individual reactors off if demand is low.

One of the companies building sodium-­cooled systems, Terrapower, makes reactors that can also run on spent or depleted uranium.

In 1981, while the world condemned us, we sent our air force to destroy the Osirak reactor Saddam Hussein was building in Iraq.

Iran is suspected to have aided in the funding of that reactor.

It prohibits the manufacture of new centrifuges and work on the Arak reactor.

Uranium enrichment makes what can be power reactor fuel but also the explosive core of atom bombs.

The reactor has the potential to produce weapons grade plutonium.

And what of those atoms disintegrating while others are still being created in the reactor?

This will be true no matter where in the reactor or for how long the irradiation took place.

It was the most logical, easiest, and simplest way for a D-H reactor to go off the deep end.

He walked over to it and stepped into the small chamber that led to the inner reactor room.

The trouble with the Ditmars-Horst reactor was that it lacked any automatic negative-feedback system.





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