/ (ˌriːəˈfɜːm) /
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verb (tr)
to affirm (a claim, etc) again; reassert
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Derived forms of reaffirm

reaffirmation, noun
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What does reaffirm mean?

To reaffirm something is to state or confirm it again.

It can also mean to uphold, maintain, or stand by something.

The word is sometimes used in a legal context to refer to a court upholding a ruling or a precedent. The words affirm and confirm are also used in such cases.

Example: At the press conference, the senator reaffirmed her commitment to helping small business owners.

Where does reaffirm come from?

The first records of reaffirm come from the 1600s. The word affirm is recorded earlier, in the 1300s, and comes from the Latin word affirmāre, meaning “to make firm.”

Things that are reaffirmed are often made stronger or clearer. A persuasive essay might reaffirm your belief in something. Sometimes, reaffirm means making a statement, especially a formal one. In politics, it’s common to hear politicians talk about reaffirming their commitment to a certain policy. Sometimes, reaffirm means to take action that reinforces something. You could reaffirm your love for someone by making the extra effort to make them happy. Sometimes, things are reaffirmed to make sure they’re not forgotten. Some people reaffirm their self-worth each day by saying positive things about themselves. When courts reaffirm decisions, they uphold them by agreeing with them. In all cases, reaffirming involves repeating what has been done or said before.

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What are some other forms of reaffirm?

  • reaffirmation (noun)

What are some synonyms for reaffirm?

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How is reaffirm used in real life?

Reaffirm is a common word that’s used in all kinds of contexts. All of them deal with repeating or restating something to emphasize it or make some other kind of impact.



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A. restate
B. renounce
C. repeat
D. confirm

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