[ red-in-ti-grey-shuh n, ri-din ]
/ rɛdˌɪn tɪˈgreɪ ʃən, rɪˌdɪn /


the act or process of redintegrating.
Psychology. reintegration(def 3b).

Origin of redintegration

1425–75; < Latin redintegrātiōn- (stem of redintegrātiō), equivalent to redintegrāt(us) (see redintegrate) + -iōn- -ion Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for redintegration

/ (rɛˌdɪntɪˈɡreɪʃən) /


the act or process of making whole again; renewal
psychol the process of responding to a part of a situation in the same manner as one has responded to the whole situation, as in the case of a souvenir reminding one of a holiday
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Medicine definitions for redintegration

[ rĕd-ĭn′tĭ-grāshən, rĭ-dĭn′- ]


The restoration of a lost or injured part.
Evocation of a particular state of mind resulting from the recurrence of one of the elements that made up the original experience.
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