[rej-uh-muh n, -men, rezh-]


Medicine/Medical. a regulated course, as of diet, exercise, or manner of living, intended to preserve or restore health or to attain some result.

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Origin of regimen

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: rule, government, guidance, equivalent to reg(ere) to rule + -i- -i- + -men, noun suffix of result

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Also called: regime a systematic way of life or course of therapy, often including exercise and a recommended diet
administration or rule

Word Origin for regimen

C14: from Latin: guidance

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Word Origin and History for regimen



c.1400, medical, "course of diet, exercise, etc. for sake of health;" mid-15c., "act of governing," from Old French regimen (14c.), from Latin regimen "rule, guidance, government, means of guidance, rudder," from regere "to rule" (see regal).

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Medicine definitions for regimen


[rĕjə-mən, -mĕn′]


A regulated system, as of diet, therapy, or exercise, intended to promote health or achieve another beneficial effect.
A course of intense physical training.

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