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[ ren-ter ]


  1. a person or organization that holds, or has the use of, property by payment of rent. rent.


/ ˈrɛntə /


  1. a person who lets his property in return for rent, esp a landlord
  2. a person who rents property from another; tenant
  3. a distributor of films to cinemas for commercial showing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of renter1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; rent 1, -er 1

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Example Sentences

Critics of the system argue that such entrenched practices make it all but impossible for renters who have gone through eviction to later secure stable housing.

Homeowners’ median wealth is nearly 90 times that of renters, in large part due to home equity.

From Vox

“I always say that renters come to our co-living buildings for lower prices and convenience, and they stay for the community,” says Rodriguez.

From Ozy

Customers pick out a home and Divvy purchases it on their behalf with the renter contributing an initial 1-2 percent of the home value.

Locally, the San Diego City Council extended an eviction moratorium for renters and small businesses under ordinances proposed last week by Mayor Todd Gloria.

That number still remains below 2000 levels, with renter income falling an even steeper 13 percent.

Another renter in talks for another million-dollar rental is "in finance," according to one broker.

The renter proved an indifferent farmer, and the rent scarcely sufficed to pay the taxes and winter the cattle.

At the end of five years, in 1894, having saved his earnings, he began farming for himself on a small scale as a renter.

He thus worked for eleven years in order to gain a start, after which he began farming on his own account as a renter.

A law that will allow no renter to make money off a house that is not decent to shelter human beings.'

And yet, during those last weeks at Elkhorn, he was not at all sure that he wished to renter the turmoil.


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