[ ree-send ]
/ riˈsɛnd /
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verb (used with object), re·sent, re·send·ing.
to send again.
to send back.
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Origin of resend

First recorded in 1545–55; re- + send1
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What does resend mean?

To resend means to send again, as in Could you resend your email, please?

Resend in situations in which something is shipped or transfered but needs to be sent again, often because the first one never reached its destination. It is perhaps most commonly used in reference to digital messages, such as emails and text messages. For example, if you tried to send your homework to your teacher via email and they don’t receive the file, they may ask you to resend the file.

Resend also means to send back, as in If the sweater is too big, resend it to me and I’ll send a smaller size.

If you receive something in the mail or electronically and then you send it back to the original sender, you are resending it to the original person.

Example: If you can’t find the file, let me know and I’ll resend it to you.

Where does resend come from?

The first records of the term resend come from around the 1540s. It combines the prefix re, meaning “again” or “back,” and send, meaning “to be transmitted.”

While people have been resending packages and letters for centuries, resend has become more commonly used with digital media. Some common reasons you might need to resend a message or file include the recipient not receiving it because of a poor internet or satellite signal or a problem in the messaging system or because of an error in the message or file itself, such as a typo. Fortunately, resending digital communications is quicker and easier than resending a physical package or letter.

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How is resend used in real life?

Resend is a common word, often used in reference to emails and other messages.

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Is resend used correctly in the following sentence?

I need to resend that article to the editor for revisions.