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[ rest-lis-nis ]


  1. the inability to remain still or at rest, or a mood characterized by this:

    To overcome younger students’ restlessness and anxiety, one expert suggests class routines, role play activities, and other calming exercises.

  2. the fact of being unable to sleep or find a comfortable position in which to sleep:

    I haven't been sleeping so well lately—a mix of restlessness and staying up too late watching movies.

  3. discontent or dissatisfaction that drives one to keep looking for solutions, alternatives, or new things:

    We are incomplete beings yearning to be made whole, dogged by a sense of unease and restlessness.

  4. perpetual movement:

    Growing up on the coast of Sydney as he did, his music is influenced by the restlessness of the ocean.

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Example Sentences

You’ll then get a full chart showing what times you were in which stages of sleep, helping you spot particular spells of restlessness.

He also had a reformist streak, reflecting a deep-seated restlessness and dissatisfaction with the status quo that was manifest through the rest of his life.

She said she’d noticed that as her brother’s memory loss progressed, he became more restless and could spend hours doing the same tasks repeatedly, often old habits, such as folding towels or arranging bird feeders on the porch.

A restless Virginia resident finds sights that evoke the West within driving distance

If that stress response becomes endless, the bodily effects can wage a mental toll through anxiety, irritability, depression, restlessness or lack of focus.

In addition to headaches and restlessness, she had lost her appetite and a lot of weight.

The same inertia and restlessness is setting in behind the scenes as well.

Anxiety, restlessness, chills, sweating, blurred vision, and dehydration can occur with the use of MDMA.

But the prevailing emotion that day, even among us awardees, was a bemused sense of boredom, restlessness and insatiability.

In that respect, Monk, like Miles, made a virtue out of restlessness.

The same fierce restlessness which took possession of him at San Pasquale again showed itself in his every act.

But a horrible thing that had happened to him, had awakened in him a lonely nightmare of restlessness.

This reasoning seemed to calm him; but the restlessness of doubt soon returned, pricking like thorns.

At times there is a development of tuberculosis that proves fatal, because of the restlessness of the individual.

Any lurking danger of too great speculative restlessness disappeared.





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