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[ ruhf-er ]


  1. a person or thing that roughs or roughs out something, as certain crude cutting tools or a person who performs the first, rough parts of a process.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of rougher1

First recorded in 1880–85; rough + -er 1

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Example Sentences

The new research suggests ten percent on uphill trails—but the difference may have more to do with the outdoor setting, which permits rougher terrain and more side-to-side motion than a treadmill, than with the uphill slope.

This way, you reduce the friction caused by rougher materials crashing into more delicate ones for 40 minutes.

Dynamic mics, on the other hand, are robust tools that hold up well to high volumes—and rougher handling.

These napkins have a rougher texture and are perfect for sopping up oil throughout the day, especially if you’re in a warmer climate.

In theory, the inflated tires absorb more of a trail’s vibration to allow for rougher terrain, much like tubeless bike tires.

The comet is basically shaped like a rubber ducky, but with a much rougher surface.

Barack Obama is in for a rougher-than-usual couple of months.

Having lived in the rougher parts of Brooklyn, he thought he might have helped if only he had a hammer in his hand.

Actresses over 40, meanwhile, have an even rougher time in Hollywood.

In the two months since November, he has played much rougher than in all the four previous years.

It had evidently been itself partially repainted in a rougher style than the original.

The going became rougher, and all semblance of a trail was lost, yet the trader went on unhesitatingly.

Toward night the country grew more broken and much rougher, and I knew we were nearing the Sandy.

Renewing old acquaintanceships in this manner, they were shortly in rougher water.

The Sphere, the other morning sheet, made its appeal to the rougher element of the city.





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