[ ruhg-id ]
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  1. having a roughly broken, rocky, hilly, or jagged surface: rugged ground.

  2. (of a face) wrinkled or furrowed, as by experience or the endurance of hardship.

  1. roughly irregular, heavy, or hard in outline or form; craggy: Lincoln's rugged features.

  2. rough, harsh, or stern, as persons or nature.

  3. full of hardship and trouble; severe; hard; trying: a rugged life.

  4. tempestuous; stormy: rugged weather.

  5. harsh to the ear: rugged sounds.

  6. rude, uncultivated, or unrefined.

  7. homely or plain: rugged fare.

  8. capable of enduring hardship, wear, etc.; strong and tough: rugged floor covering; a rugged lumberjack.

Origin of rugged

1300–50; Middle English <Scandinavian; compare Swedish rugga to roughen (of cloth); cf. rug

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Other words from rugged

  • rug·ged·ly, adverb
  • rug·ged·ness, noun
  • un·rug·ged, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

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/ (ˈrʌɡɪd) /

  1. having an uneven or jagged surface

  2. rocky or steep: rugged scenery

  1. (of the face) strong-featured or furrowed

  2. rough, severe, or stern in character

  3. without refinement or culture; rude: rugged manners

  4. involving hardship; harsh: he leads a rugged life in the mountains

  5. difficult or hard: a rugged test

  6. (of equipment, machines, etc) designed to withstand rough treatment or use in rough conditions: a handheld rugged computer which can survive being submerged in water

  7. mainly US and Canadian sturdy or strong; robust

Origin of rugged

C14: from Scandinavian; compare Swedish rugga to make rough

Derived forms of rugged

  • ruggedly, adverb
  • ruggedness, noun

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