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[ sad-lee ]


  1. in an unhappy, sorrowful, or regretful way; unfortunately; regrettably:

    Gun tracing is an attempt to answer the sadly common question of where the gun used in a crime came from.

    Sadly, the tourism and money brought in by the World Cup games won't benefit the people who need it most.

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It's ok to be sad your favourite person didn't go through, but please remember it's not my fault.

From Eater

Safety aside, there was something sad about looking at vehicles of adventure, when adventure feels so out of reach.

“The longer Senate Republicans are playing this sad game is the longer they are denying families much needed relief from the covid health and economic crisis,” Schumer said.

The new HD webcam gets access to Apple’s latest image signal processor, which should hopefully make it look better than its current sad state.

After an awkward conversation and a sad quantity of spilled wine, Darcy and Elle are both happy to go home alone and never meet again.

Sadly, it appears the American press often doesn't need any outside help when it comes to censoring themselves.

Having finally seen Selma on November 17, I must report, sadly, that I do not share the enthusiasm the film has generated so far.

Sadly, the world will never see the realization of those skills.

Sadly, this choice between growth and climate change may not be necessary.

Sadly, laws throughout the Middle East—from North Africa to the Gulf—limit the rights of religious minorities and non-believers.

The Alcalde was kneeling by his side, gazing sadly and earnestly into the face of the dying man.

The autumn winds had come, and with them the autumn rain, that washes sadly away the last sweet traces of summer.

"They look ever on woe;" and he laid the baby back on Ramona's breast, and stood gazing sadly at her.

So the twain walked on very lovingly together, Dorothy gazing sadly and fondly at every well-known object in her path.

"The angels don't whisper such blessed dreams to me," returned Dorothy, sadly.


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More About Sadly

What does sadly mean?

Sadly means in an unhappy, sorrowful, or regretful way, as in Whenever my dog looks at me sadly, I can’t help but cuddle him.

Sadly is frequently used to mean unfortunately, as in Sadly, he could not make the game today. This usage often gives a more emotional or sympathetic tone to a statement. It’s often used for disappointments, excuses, reports of loss, and any other scenario where something could be upsetting to the listener or reader.

Example: We report sadly that we were unable to reach our financial goals this quarter.

Where does sadly come from?

The first records of the term sadly come from the late 1300s. It combines the term sad, meaning “affected by unhappiness or grief,” and the suffix ly, which forms adverbs from adjectives, like gladly and secondly.

Another common sense of sadly is “in a shabby, tattered, or otherwise disheveled way.” For example, you might say a wilting plant looks sadly as it droops. Most of the time, though, sadly will be reserved for situations of disappointment or sorrow.

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What are some synonyms for sadly?

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How is sadly used in real life?

Sadly is often used to describe how someone feels about a statement they’re making.


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I looked sadly at the cake I had dropped on the floor, regretting that I wouldn’t get to eat it.

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