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  1. of or relating to the number seven or forming a group of seven.
  2. septennial.
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noun, plural sep·te·nar·ies.
  1. a group or set of seven.
  2. a period of seven years.
  3. the number seven.
  4. Prosody. a line of seven feet.
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Origin of septenary

1570–80; < Latin septēnārius, equivalent to septēn(ī) seven each (sept(em) seven + -ēnī distributive suffix) + -ārius -ary
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septenary, hebdomad, heptad, septemviral, septennial, septuple, septuplicate

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Historical Examples of septenary

  • It is a vast commentary on the second septenary of the Trumps Major.

    The Illustrated Key to the Tarot

    L. W. de Laurence

  • In this specimen we have the septenary without rime, a rare form.

    English Verse

    Raymond MacDonald Alden, Ph.D.

  • It is septenary in constitution, as may be seen in its vibrations expressed in color and sound.

  • The septenary line, however, in its strict form admits only of monosyllabic caesura and disyllabic ending.

  • Chapman, in his translation of Homer, often uses it in Septenary verses as well as in five-foot iambic verses.

British Dictionary definitions for septenary


  1. of or relating to the number seven
  2. forming a group of seven
  3. another word for septennial
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noun plural -naries
  1. the number seven
  2. a group of seven things
  3. a period of seven years
  4. prosody a line of seven metrical feet
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Word Origin for septenary

C16: from Latin septēnārius, from septēnī seven each, from septem seven
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