[ sev-uhnth ]


  1. next after the sixth; being the ordinal number for seven.
  2. being one of seven equal parts.


  1. a seventh part, especially of one (1/7).
  2. the seventh member of a series.
  3. Music.
    1. a tone on the seventh degree from a given tone (counted as the first).
    2. the interval between such tones.
    3. the harmonic combination of such tones.


/ ˈsɛvənθ /


  1. usually prenominal
    1. coming after the sixth and before the eighth in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc; being the ordinal number of seven: often written 7th
    2. ( as noun )

      he was the seventh to arrive

      she left on the seventh


    1. one of seven equal or nearly equal parts of an object, quantity, measurement, etc
    2. ( as modifier )

      a seventh part

  1. the fraction equal to one divided by seven ( 1 7 )
  2. music
    1. the interval between one note and another seven notes away from it counting inclusively along the diatonic scale
    2. one of two notes constituting such an interval in relation to the other See also major minor interval
    3. short for seventh chord


  1. Alsoseventhly after the sixth person, position, event, etc

sentence connector

  1. Alsoseventhly as the seventh point: linking what follows to the previous statements, as in a speech or argument

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Word History and Origins

Origin of seventh1

before 950; Middle English; seven, -th 2; replacing Middle English sevethe, Old English seofotha

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Example Sentences

Now, he is a seventh-grader, in the thick of middle school, 5-foot-4 and writing full essays.

As a seventh-grader, he said, he was placed on an advanced track but never knew why, or why other students were not.

In another lawsuit, a student alleged she received “threats of physical and sexual violence” in 2016 and 2017 on social media from a seventh-grader after she enrolled for sixth grade at age 11.

Her oldest son, a seventh-grader, was eager to get back to school to see his friends.

Meyer will tell her own seventh-grader, “As a family, we deeply value honesty, and with that comes not jumping to judgment.”

Rick would cut together five years worth of work, add the sixth, then recut six years worth of work, add the seventh, and so on.

So she began trying out the beds, but none of them suited her until she found that the seventh one was just right.

And he was followed by each one of them until the seventh dwarf looked at his bed and saw Little Snow White lying there asleep.

Even though it was a school day—about fifth period, I calculated—the arcade was filled with seventh graders.

Take the case of Herx v. Diocese of Fort Wayne, an employment discrimination suit in the Seventh Circuit.

It will be no more monotonous than having one's seventh birthday or falling in love for the first time.

It appears often as early as the sixth or seventh day; usually during the second week.

The seventh 'Reason' against the use of tobacco is, that the devil is the discoverer and suggester of smoking.

There was one point about one of the piers—the Seventh—that that he had not fully settled in his mind.

Thus died the gay and profligate Buckingham, in the thirty-seventh year of his age.





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