/ (saɪˈbɪərɪən) /

  1. of or relating to Siberia or its inhabitants

  1. a native or inhabitant of Siberia

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How to use Siberian in a sentence

  • Without any, sire; and it is to be feared that in a short time dispatches will no longer cross the Siberian frontier.

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne
  • It had become evident that a formidable rebellion threatened to wrest the Siberian provinces from the Russian crown.

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne
  • No iron ways lead from those precious mines which make the Siberian soil far richer below than above its surface.

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne
  • The natives whom business called beyond the Siberian frontier could not leave the province for a time at least.

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne
  • Besides a tarantass, drawn by good Siberian horses, will always go faster than a gypsy cart!

    Michael Strogoff | Jules Verne