[ sig-nuh-cher, -choo r ]
/ ˈsɪg nə tʃər, -ˌtʃʊər /



serving to identify or distinguish a person, group, etc.: a signature tune.

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Origin of signature

1525–35; < Medieval Latin signātūra a signing, equivalent to Latin signāt(us) past participle of signāre to mark (see sign, -ate1) + -ūra -ure

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British Dictionary definitions for signature


/ (ˈsɪɡnɪtʃə) /


the name of a person or a mark or sign representing his name, marked by himself or by an authorized deputy
the act of signing one's name
  1. a distinctive mark, characteristic, etc, that identifies a person or thing
  2. (as modifier)a signature fragrance
US the part of a medical prescription that instructs a patient how frequently and in what amounts he should take a drug or agentAbbreviation: Sig, S
  1. a sheet of paper printed with several pages that upon folding will become a section or sections of a book
  2. such a sheet so folded
  3. a mark, esp a letter, printed on the first page of a signature

Word Origin for signature

C16: from Old French, from Medieval Latin signātura, from Latin signāre to sign

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Word Origin and History for signature



1530s, a kind of document in Scottish law, from Middle French signature (16c.) or directly from Medieval Latin signatura "signature, a rescript," in classical Latin "the matrix of a seal," from signatus, past participle of signare "to mark with a stamp, sign" (see sign (v.)).

Meaning "one's own name written in one's own hand" is from 1570s, replacing sign-manual (early 15c.) in this sense. Musical sense of "signs placed it the beginning of a staff to indicate the key and rhythm" is from 1806. Meaning "a distinguishing mark of any kind" is from 1620s.

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Medicine definitions for signature


[ sĭgnə-chər ]


The part of a physician's prescription containing directions to the patient.

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