[ sloh-lee ]
/ ˈsloʊ li /
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in a slow manner; at a slow speed: Sauté the peppers slowly. I drove slowly back home.
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Origin of slowly

1310–50; Middle English slawliche, slawly ; See slow, -ly

words often confused with slowly

See slow.
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What is a basic definition of slowly?

Slowly is used when something is happening in a slow manner or in a way that lacks speed or quickness.

Slowly is the adverb form of the word slow, which describes something as lacking speed. If you walk slowly, for example, you are not moving quickly. Things that happen slowly take much longer to occur than things that happen quickly.

  • Real-life examples: Sloths, snails, and turtles move very slowly. For safety, it is a good idea to drive slowly past schools or construction sites. For most people, time moves slowly when they are bored, at school, or at work.
  • Used in a sentence: She picked up the broken glass slowly and carefully.

Where does slowly come from?

The first records of slowly come from around 1310. It comes from the Middle English slawliche or slawly. It is an adverb formed from the word slow.

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How is slowly used in real life?

Slowly is a common adverb that describes something as happening with low speed or at a slow pace.

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Is slowly used correctly in the following sentence?

I find math to be hard, so I learn it slowly.

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