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[ sol-i-ter-ee ]


  1. alone; without companions; unattended:

    a solitary passer-by.

    Synonyms: lone

  2. living alone; avoiding the society of others:

    a solitary existence.

  3. by itself; alone:

    one solitary house.

  4. characterized by the absence of companions:

    a solitary journey.

  5. done without assistance or accompaniment; done in solitude:

    solitary chores.

  6. being the only one:

    a solitary exception.

  7. characterized by solitude, as a place; unfrequented, secluded, or lonely:

    a solitary cabin in the woods.

    Synonyms: remote, retired, isolated

  8. Zoology. living habitually alone or in pairs, as certain wasps. Compare social ( def 11 ).


, plural sol·i·tar·ies.
  1. a person who lives alone or in solitude, or avoids the society of others.

    Synonyms: recluse, hermit

  2. a person who lives in solitude from religious motives.

    Synonyms: eremite, recluse, hermit


/ -trɪ; ˈsɒlɪtərɪ /


  1. following or enjoying a life of solitude

    a solitary disposition

  2. experienced or performed alone

    a solitary walk

  3. (of a place) unfrequented
  4. prenominal single; sole

    a solitary speck in the sky

  5. having few companions; lonely
  6. (of animals) not living in organized colonies or large groups Compare social gregarious

    a solitary elephant

    solitary bees

  7. (of flowers) growing singly


  1. a person who lives in seclusion; hermit; recluse
  2. informal.

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsolitariness, noun
  • ˈsolitarily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • soli·tari·ly adverb
  • soli·tari·ness noun
  • un·soli·tary adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of solitary1

1300–50; Middle English < Latin sōlitārius alone, by itself, solitary, equivalent to sōlit ( ās ) solitude ( sōl ( us ) sole 1 + -itās -ity ) + -ārius -ary

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Word History and Origins

Origin of solitary1

C14: from Latin sōlitārius, from sōlus sole 1

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Example Sentences

His careful, solitary work helped reveal individual cells of the brain that together create wider networks.

Researchers had long thought they were solitary, nocturnal hunters.

Fly-fishing is a solitary pursuit, and I figured those states would have built-in social distancing.

I can’t say enough about that for young children and music, that if their parents can invest that time with them, it makes it a less solitary thing.

She’d heard that the rats were solitary, so her first catch should have emptied the territory.

They are impressive animals, solitary hunters blessed with incredible power and athleticism.

Once transferred to Karaj Prison, he spent an additional 15 days in solitary confinement.

I was put in a solitary confinement completely cut off from the outside world without even enjoying basic prisoner rights.

I have been told that, if I continue with this protest, I will be placed in solitary confinement.

Livvix, 30, is now in solitary confinement in the maximum-security Ayalon prison in Ramla, a city near Tel Aviv.

The light which discovered its dismal bounds to his solitary eyes, came from a small grated aperture in the vaulted roof.

It has been years since they have had a license at our tavern, so there was a solitary man in the bar-room when I entered.

"I was playin' sock-ball," snuffled the boy, and a solitary tear rolled down his snub nose.

With these words the matron dropped into her chair, and, once more resting her elbow on the table, thought of her solitary fate.

It needs better evidence to stamp this solitary suggestion of a blot on the clear scutcheon of Douglas.


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