[ spee-dee ]
/ ˈspi di /

adjective, speed·i·er, speed·i·est.

characterized by speed; rapid; swift; fast.
coming, given, or arrived at quickly or soon; prompt; not delayed: a speedy recovery.

Origin of speedy

First recorded in 1325–75, speedy is from the Middle English word spedy. See speed, -y1


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Examples from the Web for speediness

  • This speediness on his part means that he uses up more energy, and hence needs more food, and he needs to assimilate it faster.

    Unexplored!|Allen Chaffee
  • The boy was clever and quick, but his speediness speedily degenerated into fastness.

    The Comic History of Rome|Gilbert Abbott Becket
  • If certainty be a main requisite, speediness is also necessary; lasting and cruel punishments harden but do not reclaim.

British Dictionary definitions for speediness

/ (ˈspiːdɪ) /

adjective speedier or speediest

characterized by speed of motion
done or decided without delay; quick

Derived forms of speedy

speedily, adverbspeediness, noun
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