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[ spee-dee ]


, speed·i·er, speed·i·est.
  1. characterized by speed; rapid; swift; fast.

    Synonyms: quick

  2. coming, given, or arrived at quickly or soon; prompt; not delayed:

    a speedy recovery.

    Synonyms: expeditious


/ ˈspiːdɪ /


  1. characterized by speed of motion
  2. done or decided without delay; quick

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Derived Forms

  • ˈspeediness, noun
  • ˈspeedily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • speedi·ly adverb
  • speedi·ness noun
  • over·speedi·ly adverb
  • over·speedi·ness noun
  • over·speedy adjective
  • un·speedi·ly adverb
  • un·speedi·ness noun
  • un·speedy adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of speedy1

First recorded in 1325–75, speedy is from the Middle English word spedy. See speed, -y 1

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Example Sentences

T-Mobile and A&T’s slower 5G coverage is available in areas where about two-thirds of people in the country live, while Verizon’s speedy 5G is offered only in limited areas of a few dozen cities.

From Fortune

These prosecutions are occurring on an uneven playing field, as the pandemic is undermining our clients’ constitutional rights to a speedy trial and to confidential communication with their lawyers.

Samsung’s handwriting-to-text software doesn’t seem to be as accurate or speedy as what’s available on Google’s tablets and Chromebooks.

From Fortune

Strategy is playing a part in this speedier pace, but it may also be a result of the unique calendar provided by this delayed season.

Disabling them, Carson thought, might allow the immune system to launch a speedier attack on cancer cells.

She talks like her daughter now; everyone does, in that speedy, all-knowing, wisecrack-spattered sitcom patois of Modern Family.

The procedure was remarkably speedy—patients were in-and-out of the exam room in minutes.

Frank “Speedy” Lopera filed a similar suit alleging he was deceived by Richardson.

Cooper good-naturedly laughed off the prank, before eliciting help from some other actors for speedy Sediuk removal.

Recently, the White House has been pushing the speedy confirmation of ambassadors to countries Obama is set to visit.

I leave Italy with a less sanguine hope of her speedy liberation than I brought into it.

A present remedy of all is the speedy coming of a cloud, and a dew that meeteth it, by the heat that cometh, shall overpower it.

Such a refusal would lead to quick enquiry—enquiry to information—information to want of confidence and speedy ruin.

The money was sucked into the whirlpool; there was a speedy cry for more; and more was got and sacrificed.

The endeavor would not only be utterly unavailing, but would, with certainty, involve them in speedy and retrieveless ruin.


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More About Speedy

What does speedy mean?

Speedy is commonly used to mean prompt or with minimal delay. It’s often used in the phrase speedy recovery, meaning a prompt recovery from an illness or injury.

Speedy also means very fast. In this sense, it’s often applied as a nickname for athletes who are very fast and quick.

Example: I’d like to thank the customer service team for their speedy resolution to this issue.

Where does speedy come from?

The first records of speedy come from the 1300s. Speedy is the adjective form of the noun speed.

When we want to describe someone or something as having great speed, we typically just use the word fast. When we use Speedy as a nickname for an athlete (or a cartoon mouse), it usually implies speed but also general quickness and agility.

Perhaps most often, though, speedy is used to mean “prompt.” We wish people a speedy recovery because we want them to promptly feel all better. A speedy resolution to a problem is one that’s implemented promptly and without unnecessary delays. In the TV show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the delivery man, Mr. McFeeley, was always making a “speedy delivery,” popularizing the term for deliveries that arrive promptly.

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What are some other forms related to speedy?

  • speed (noun)
  • speedier (comparative adjective)
  • speediest (superlative adjective)
  • speedily (adverb)
  • speediness (noun)
  • overspeedily (adverb)
  • overspeediness (noun)

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How is speedy used in real life?

Speedy is most commonly used in the phrases speedy recovery and speedy delivery. It’s also a somewhat common nickname for athletes.



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