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[ steyts-muhn ]


, plural states·men.
  1. a person who is experienced in the art of government or versed in the administration of government affairs.
  2. a person who exhibits great wisdom and ability in directing the affairs of a government or in dealing with important public issues.


/ ˈsteɪtsmən /


  1. a political leader whose wisdom, integrity, etc, win great respect
  2. a person active and influential in the formulation of high government policy, such as a cabinet member
  3. a politician

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Gender Note

See -man.

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Derived Forms

  • ˈstatesman-ˌlike, adjective
  • ˈstatesmanship, noun
  • ˈstatesˌwoman, noun:feminine

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Other Words From

  • statesman·like statesman·ly adjective
  • super·statesman noun plural superstatesmen
  • un·statesman·like adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of statesman1

First recorded in 1585–95; state + 's 1 + -man, modeled on steersman; compare the phrase ship of state

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Example Sentences

“Simply stated, Colin Powell was a great general, a distinguished combat soldier, an outstanding statesman, and an inspirational leader whose transcendent presence served as a beacon and a rock to present and future generations,” he tweeted.

Netanyahu flaunted that relationship during election campaigns — meeting with Putin days before the 2019 vote and even featuring a picture of the two together on a campaign billboard to emphasize his stature as a statesman.

From Axios

In the meantime, you have developed also a career as a politician, as an economist, as a statesman, and as a banker.

From Time

Despite its age, the newly minted “elder statesman” of game machines saw massively increased demand during the global pandemic, leading to shortages that are still present in many territories today.

That’s not to say the era of corporate statesman has returned.

From Digiday

In Canning he found, or rather projected, “a genius, almost a universal one, an orator, a wit, a poet, a statesman.”

“Statesman and savants, builders and even priests are their servants,” intoned Time.

Others held him up as a great statesman who labored for international peace.

And yet her call for a plebiscite smacks as much of political despair than a statesman's conviction.

Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian writer and statesman who changed African literature forever, has died at the age of 82.

Lawrence Hyde, earl of Rochester, died; deservedly respected as an able statesman.

The virtuous statesman advanced to meet him, while his countenance proclaimed that he knew all, and sympathized with its victim.

A woman with such capabilities would be wasted in the rle of a mere countess—but as the wife of an aspiring Liberal statesman!

William Pitt, earl of Chatham, a most illustrious English statesman, died.

Charles Montague, earl Halifax, died; an eminent English statesman, orator and poet.


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