[ stawnch, stahnch ]
/ stɔntʃ, stɑntʃ /
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adjective, staunch·er, staunch·est.

firm or steadfast in principle, adherence, loyalty, etc., as a person: a staunch Republican; a staunch friend.
characterized by firmness, steadfastness, or loyalty: He delivered a staunch defense of the government.
strong; substantial: a staunch little hut in the woods.
impervious to water or other liquids; watertight: a staunch vessel.



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Also stanch .

Origin of staunch

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English sta(u)nch, from Middle French estanche (feminine), estanc (masculine), derivative of estancher “to close, stop”; see stanch1
1. See steadfast.
staunchly, adverbstaunchness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for staunch (1 of 2)

/ (stɔːntʃ) /


loyal, firm, and dependablea staunch supporter
solid or substantial in construction
rare (of a ship, etc) watertight; seaworthy
staunchly, adverbstaunchness, noun
C15: (originally: watertight): from Old French estanche, from estanchier to stanch

British Dictionary definitions for staunch (2 of 2)

/ (stɔːntʃ) /

verb, noun

a variant spelling of stanch
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