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a combining form meaning “cover,” used in the formation of compound words: stegosaur.
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Origin of stego-

Combining form of Greek stégos roof
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What does stego- mean?

Stego- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “cover.” It is used in a few scientific terms, especially in paleontology.

Stego- comes from the Greek stégos, meaning “roof.”

Examples of stego-

The stegosaur was a plant-eating dinosaur from the genus Stegosaurus. It had a heavy, bony armor and a row of bony plates along its back. It could grow to a length of 20–40 feet (6–12 meters). Its tail also had an arrangement of defensive spikes.

The stego- portion of the word means “cover,” a reference to the creature’s bony protective plates on its back. The -saur part of the word comes from the Greek saûros, meaning “lizard.” So, stegosaur literally translates to “covered lizard.” The word stegosaur comes from New Latin, using an equivalent form of stego-.

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