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[ stoh-ner ]


  1. Slang. a person who is habitually high on drugs, especially marijuana, or alcohol; a person who is usually stoned.
  2. a person who pelts or assails with stones:

    stoners of Paul the Apostle.

  3. Chiefly British. a person or thing that weighs a specified number of stone (used in combination):

    a 12-stoner.


/ ˈstəʊnə /


  1. a device for removing stones from fruit
  2. slang.
    a person who is habitually under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stoner1

First recorded in 1300–50; stone ( def ) + -er 1( def )

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Example Sentences

There was this stigma in my childhood around, you know, you smoke weed and you’re a stoner, you’re lazy.

From Digiday

He spends his days working with prickly actress Cassidy Carter and a slate of typical Hollywood characters, including sweet stoner production assistants and a pair of glossily suspicious producers.

Matthew McConaughey, Random House Audio Matthew McConaughey is a unique actor, equal parts silly stoner, and thoughtful thespian.

By late 2010, I had smoked weed exactly once and proclaimed myself a stoner, posting Kid Cudi lyrics to Facebook in a way that can only be described as poser-y.

From Time

As millions of square feet in industrial space gets covered over by pot farms, stoner creatives are being displaced.

From Ozy

So, in that stoner frame of mind, I thought, “Johnny Depp would crush this.”

Is subversion on the horizon or will Black Jesus sacrifice a historically political concept for the sake of a stoner comedy?

Do you even remember working with Brad Pitt on that movie, as the lovable stoner, Floyd?

Go back to real life, but first take a second and honor your inner stoner first.

Marijuana and “stoner” comedy has been making a slow comeback over the last decade.

She rolled the burrito up as carefully as a stoner rolling up a joint, tucking the ends in, then re-wrapping it in tinfoil.

Coming as it did the last minute before election it simply wiped Stoner off the map.

She had not mentioned Burke Stoner's name, nor was her name mentioned in connection with this article.

I wish it had been Mr. Stoner himself who fell through those rotten stairs!

I must go to Stoner's; I can not guide you to Caughnawaga through the woods or take you thither by road or trail.





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