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[ strang-guhl-hohld ]


  1. Wrestling. an illegal hold by which an opponent's breath is choked off.
  2. a restraining hold in which one person uses an arm to encircle the neck of another; a chokehold.
  3. any force or influence that restricts the free actions or development of a person or thing; a stifling grip:

    to break the stranglehold of superstition.


/ ˈstræŋɡəlˌhəʊld /


  1. a wrestling hold in which a wrestler's arms are pressed against his opponent's windpipe See also Japanese stranglehold
  2. complete power or control over a person or situation

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stranglehold1

First recorded in 1890–95; strangle + hold 1

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Example Sentences

However, Twitch letting two of its stars depart doesn’t mean the company is losing its stranglehold on the live-streaming industry.

That’s a big part of it, and one we hear most often from legislators who are worried about the stranglehold big tech platforms have on our digital lives and virtual assets.

From Digiday

The NRA has an enormous stranglehold over conservative politics in America, and that development is more recent than you might think.

From Vox

This stranglehold has driven servicing costs up nearly 250% in the past decade, and the fees are passed on directly to the borrower.

Marvin set the tone of the session by laying down a timeline of events to illustrate the stranglehold effect that the coronavirus placed on economic activity.

The professors concluded that “abstinence-only programs have a stranglehold on sexuality education in Texas public schools.”

The agreement lessened the stranglehold India-Pakistan tensions had put on trade in the region for decades.

If concluded, the sale would give Rupert Murdoch an even greater stranglehold on the British media.

Come to California, where the regulatory stranglehold is killing our economy.

Galled by the stranglehold of the religious right, he has challenged the party to open itself up to young voters and new ideas.

Then, indeed, the Lhari had been lying all along, the vicious lie that maintained their stranglehold monopoly of star-travel.

Mrs. Trapes, I've got a stranglehold on that idea, for it is rather brilliant.

I leaped at the smother of bodies, ripped one away with a stranglehold, slashed at its throat.

It gave them such a stranglehold––with the right sort of men––and Brace was the right sort.

He reached for the arm around his neck and began breaking it free from its stranglehold.


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