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  1. something that streams: streamers of flame.
  2. a long, narrow flag or pennant.
  3. a long, flowing ribbon, feather, or the like used for ornament, as in dress.
  4. any long, narrow piece or thing, as a spray of a plant or a strip of cloud.
  5. a stream of light, especially one appearing in some forms of the aurora borealis.
  6. Electricity. an electric discharge in a narrow stream from a point of high potential on a charged body.
  7. Astronomy. a long extension of the solar corona, several solar radii long.
  8. Journalism. banner(def 7).
  9. a parachute that comes out of its packing in a long stream but does not expand.
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Origin of streamer

First recorded in 1250–1300, streamer is from the Middle English word stremer. See stream, -er1
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flag, pennant, banner, pennon, ensign, standard, pendant, banderole

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Historical Examples of streamer

  • The streamer slipped from his fingers and slithered over the side.

    Astounding Stories of Super-Science, May, 1930


  • Hugh Pallent had caught a streamer and held out his hand to Rose.

    A Little Girl in Old Detroit

    Amanda Minnie Douglas

  • At the top, floated a streamer with the legend, "You furnish the girl, we furnish the house!"

    A Son of the City

    Herman Gastrell Seely

  • Two tall poles with a streamer between them swung into view.

    It Could Be Anything

    John Keith Laumer

  • A synonym for "streamer," a name which it has gradually replaced.

    British Flags

    W. G. Perrin

British Dictionary definitions for streamer


  1. a long narrow flag or part of a flag
  2. a long narrow coiled ribbon of coloured paper that becomes unrolled when tossed
  3. a stream of light, esp one appearing in some forms of the aurora
  4. journalism a large heavy headline printed across the width of a page of a newspaper
  5. computing another word for tape streamer
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Word Origin and History for streamer


"flag that streams in the air," late 13c., agent noun from stream (v.).

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