[ strood-l; German shtrood-l ]
/ ˈstrud l; German ˈʃtrud l /
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a pastry, usually consisting of a fruit, cheese, or other mixture, rolled in a paper-thin sheet of dough and baked.



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Origin of strudel

1925–30; <German: literally, eddy, whirlpool
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  • Take cloth in both hands, and roll strudel over and over like roly poly.

    The Story of Crisco|Marion Harris Neil
  • Roll strudel into Criscoed baking pan and bake in hot oven until brown.

    The Story of Crisco|Marion Harris Neil
  • The once perilous Strudel and Wirbel of the Danube are haunted by diabolical legends.

    Demonology and Devil-lore|Moncure Daniel Conway
  • Who enters Ceiner's is prepared to dine from barley soup to apple strudel.

British Dictionary definitions for strudel

/ (ˈstruːdəl, German ˈʃtruːdəl) /


a thin sheet of filled dough rolled up and bakedapple strudel
German, from Middle High German strodel eddy, whirlpool, so called from the way the pastry is rolled
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