[suhb-nawr-muh l]


below the normal; less than or inferior to the normal: a subnormal amount of rain.
being less than average in any psychological trait, as intelligence, personality, or emotional adjustment.


a subnormal person.
Geometry. that part of the x-axis of a curve cut off between the ordinate and a normal.

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Origin of subnormal

First recorded in 1700–10; sub- + normal

Related formssub·nor·mal·i·ty, noun

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less than the normal
having a low intelligence, esp having an IQ of less than 70


a subnormal person
Derived Formssubnormality (ˌsʌbnɔːˈmælɪtɪ), nounsubnormally, adverb

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Word Origin and History for subnormal



1890, from sub- + normal. The noun is from 1710 in geometry; 1916, of persons.

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