1. Carbohydrates that can supply energy to living things. Common table sugar is sucrose. Some other sugars are fructose, which is found in fruits; lactose, which is found in milk; and glucose , which is the most common sugar in the bodies of animals and plants.

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Example Sentences

Meanwhile younger, lighter colors evoke citrus and tree fruits, candy sugars and vanilla toffee.

“I had no sugars, no dairy, I had no carbs,” James announced with pride.

In their unadulterated form, oats are pretty much free of simple sugars.

Watch out for:“Just like their conventional counterparts, gluten-free cereals can also be loaded with added sugars,” Begun says.

It is useless to ask a seriously injured person if he has high cholesterol and about the level of his blood sugars!

But they have brought but little money; but the rest in sugars and other commoditys, and bills of exchange.

The brig had discharged her cargo, and was lying in Carlisle Bay, waiting for the sugars which were to be shipped for Liverpool.

The starches and sugars, together with the fats, represent food elements which366 serve as the body's fuel.

This blood is very rich in food materials, and from it the cells of the liver take out sugars to form glycogen.

Messrs. Stuart are two brothers, who are largely engaged in refining sugars, and who have in this business made large sums.





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