Origin of sum

1250–1300; (noun) Middle English summe < Latin summa sum, noun use of feminine of summus highest, superlative of superus (see superior); (v.) Middle English summen (< Old French summer) < Medieval Latin summāre, derivative of summa

Related forms

sum·less, adjectivesum·less·ness, nounout·sum, verb (used with object), out·summed, out·sum·ming.

Can be confused

some sum (see usage note at some)

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surface-to-underwater missile.

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variant of sub- before m: summon.

Definition for sum (4 of 4)

cogito, ergo sum

[ koh-gi-toh er-goh soo m; English koj-i-toh ur-goh suhm, er-goh ]
/ ˈkoʊ gɪˌtoʊ ˈɛr goʊ ˈsʊm; English ˈkɒdʒ ɪˌtoʊ ˈɜr goʊ ˈsʌm, ˈɛr goʊ /


I think, therefore I am (stated by Descartes as the first principle in resolving universal doubt).
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/ (sʌm) /


verb sums, summing or summed

(often foll by up) to add or form a total of (something)
(tr) to calculate the sum of (the terms in a sequence)
See also sum up

Word Origin for sum

C13 summe, from Old French, from Latin summa the top, sum, from summus highest, from superus in a higher position; see super

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/ (sʊm) /

noun plural sumy (sʊmɪ)

the standard monetary unit of Uzbekistan, divided into 100 tiyin

British Dictionary definitions for sum (3 of 3)

cogito, ergo sum

/ Latin (ˈkɒɡɪˌtəʊ ˈɜːɡəʊ ˈsʊm) /

I think, therefore I am; the basis of Descartes' philosophy
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Science definitions for sum


[ sŭm ]

The result of adding numbers or quantities. The sum of 6 and 9, for example, is 15, and the sum of 4x and 5x is 9x.
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