[ soo-per-ee-goh, -eg-oh ]
/ ˌsu pərˈi goʊ, -ˈɛg oʊ /
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noun, plural su·per·e·gos.Psychoanalysis.
the part of the personality representing the conscience, formed in early life by internalization of the standards of parents and other models of behavior.
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Origin of superego

1890–95; translation of German Über-Ich (Freud); see super-, ego
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How to use superego in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for superego

/ (ˌsuːpərˈiːɡəʊ, -ˈɛɡəʊ) /

noun plural -gos
psychoanal that part of the unconscious mind that acts as a conscience for the ego, developing mainly from the relationship between a child and his parentsSee also id 1, ego
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Medical definitions for superego

[ sōō′pər-ēgō, -ĕgō ]

n. pl. su•per•e•gos
In psychoanalytic theory, the division of the psyche that censors and restrains the ego and has identified itself unconsciously with important persons from early life. It results from incorporating the values and wishes of these persons into one's own standards.
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Cultural definitions for superego

[ (sooh-puhr-ee-goh) ]

In Freudian psychology, the part of the psyche that incorporates parental or community values and standards and acts as an inner check on behavior. The superego and ego, responding to social demands, are often in conflict with the primitive impulses of the id.

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