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verb (used with object),swapped, swap·ping.
  1. to exchange, barter, or trade, as one thing for another: He swapped his wrist watch for the radio.

  2. to substitute (one thing) for another (sometimes followed by in): Swap in red wine for white, since powerful nutrients are in the red grape's skin.

  1. to replace (one thing) with another (sometimes followed by out): To cut down on fat, swap cream for milk.

verb (used without object),swapped, swap·ping.
  1. to make an exchange.

  1. an exchange: He got the radio in a swap.

Origin of swap

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English swappen “to strike, strike hands (in bargaining)”; cognate with dialectal German schwappen “to clap, box (the ears)”
  • Also especially British, swop .

Other words from swap

  • swapper, noun
  • un·swapped, adjective

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/ (swɒp) /

verbswaps, swapping, swapped, swops, swopping or swopped
  1. to trade or exchange (something or someone) for another

  1. an exchange

  2. something that is exchanged

  1. Also called: swap option, swaption finance a contract in which the parties to it exchange liabilities on outstanding debts, often exchanging fixed interest-rate for floating-rate debts (debt swap), either as a means of managing debt or in trading (swap trading)

Origin of swap

C14 (in the sense: to shake hands on a bargain, strike): probably of imitative origin

Derived forms of swap

  • swapper or swopper, noun

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