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[ sweet-n-er ]


  1. something that sweetens, as sugar or a low-calorie synthetic product used instead of sugar.
  2. an added inducement:

    such sweeteners as tax breaks and low-cost loans.


/ ˈswiːtənə /


  1. a sweetening agent, esp one that does not contain sugar
  2. informal.
    a bribe
  3. informal.
    a financial inducement
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Word History and Origins

Origin of sweetener1

First recorded in 1640–50; sweeten + -er 1
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Example Sentences

He mixed water, sweeteners and flavors in countless combinations, sometimes working until the cooks began arriving for the morning shift.

Mind you, such pursuits have little in common with the traditional projects teachers often offer as a sweetener for more “essential” learning.

From Time

Choose your trees for maple syrup and moreMaple syrup is certainly the main tree sap sweetener in the world, and it’s known and exported worldwide.

Then in a second blow, follow-up research on potential health problems associated with artificial sweeteners focused on saccharin, leading the FDA to require warning labels on products using the sweetener.

The sweetener is part of Uber Reserve, the latest evolution of Uber’s scheduled ride program.

From Fortune

Democrats view revenue as taxes, not airport fees, which Republicans have offered up as a sweetener.

Saccharin possesses some antiseptic properties, but its main use is as a sweetener.

Be the sweetener of tart speeches; be the sunshine that drives away the clouds.

He put to his lips the firestone ring—the Sweetener—and blew but one note through it.

Politeness is the sweetener of human society and gives a charm to everything said and done.

During these long weeks of search and hard toil, the thought of Cherry had been the best sweetener of his labour.