or tal路lit, tal路lis

[ Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tah-lis; Sephardic Hebrew tah-leet ]
/ Ashkenazic Hebrew, English 藞t蓱 l瑟s; Sephardic Hebrew t蓱藞lit /
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noun, plural tal路li路thim, tal路li路tim, tal路li路sim [Ashkenazic Hebrew, English tah-lee-sim, -ley-, tah-luh-sim; Sephardic Hebrew tah-lee-teem]. /Ashkenazic Hebrew, English t蓱藞li s瑟m, -藞le瑟-, 藢t蓱 l蓹藞s瑟m; Sephardic Hebrew t蓱 li藞tim/. Judaism.
a shawllike garment of wool, silk, or the like, with fringes, or zizith, at the four corners, worn around the shoulders by Orthodox and Conservative (sometimes also Reform) Jews, as during the morning service.
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Origin of tallith

First recorded in 1605鈥15, tallith is from the Hebrew word 峁璦ll墨th literally, cover, cloak
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How to use tallith in a sentence

  • One father spread his tallith over his sons, and killed them and himself.

  • She saw him go down in his working clothes; she did not know that he had hidden the tallith under his apron.

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  • They laid the body on the floor in front of the prison cells and covered it with the tallith as with a shroud.

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