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  1. a person or thing that teases.
  2. Theater. a drapery or flat piece across the top of the proscenium arch that masks the flies and that, together with the tormentors, forms a frame for the stage opening.
  3. Printing, Journalism. kicker(def 9).
  4. an advertisement that lures customers or clients by offering a bonus, gift, or the like.
  5. Television Slang. tease(def 5).

Origin of teaser

1350–1400; Middle English teser machine for teasing wool; see tease, -er1
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  1. a person who teases
  2. a preliminary advertisement in a campaign that attracts attention by making people curious to know what product is being advertised
  3. a difficult question
  4. vet science a vasectomized male animal, such as an ox, used to detect oestrus in females
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Word Origin and History for teaser

"short sample, introductory advertisement," 1934, agent noun from tease (v.).

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