[ th ens ]
/ ðɛns /


from that place: I went first to Paris and thence to Rome.
from that time; thenceforth: He fell ill and thence was seldom seen.
from that source: Thence came all our troubles.
from that fact or reason; therefore: We were young, and thence optimistic.

Origin of thence

1250–1300; Middle English thennes, equivalent to thenne (earlier thenene, Old English thanon(e) thence) + -es -s1
Can be confusedhence hither thence thither whence whither yon (see usage note at whence)

Usage note

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/ (ðɛns) /


from that place
Also: thenceforth (ˈðɛnsˈfɔːθ) from that time or event; thereafter

Word Origin for thence

C13 thannes, from thanne, from Old English thanon; related to Gothic thanana, Old Norse thanan
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