[ thur-teenth ]


  1. next after the twelfth; being the ordinal number for 13.
  2. being one of 13 equal parts.


  1. a thirteenth part, especially of one (1/13).
  2. the thirteenth member of a series.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of thirteenth1

before 900; thirteen + -th 2; replacing Middle English thrittenthe ( three, tenth ), Old English thryttēotha ( tithe )
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Example Sentences

Buffalo ranked tenth in the nation, while Detroit and Pittsburgh ranked twelth and thirteenth, respectively.

In The Thirteenth Turn, Shuler does some good, important work.

Venezuela ranks first in South America and thirteenth globally as an arms buyer, but that hardly translates into security.

Same goes for Illinois, New Jersey and thirteenth-place Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, South Korea is both the thirty-seventh freest country in the world and the thirteenth richest.

On the thirteenth of the same month they bound to the stake, in order to burn alive, a man who had two religious in his house.

The carved stone screen is one of the most elaborate and perfect in Britain, and dates back from the Thirteenth Century.

Those three dead men on the thirteenth floor of that office building had acted like an aphrodisiac on Wilson Lamb.

The thirteenth century abbesses followed one another in quick succession, no good thing for the discipline of the abbey.

The memory of the terrible crusade in the thirteenth century inspired fiery poems among them.





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