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thoracic artery

noun Anatomy.
  1. any of several arteries that distribute blood to the muscles and organs of the thorax: used as a replacement artery in coronary bypass surgery.
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Origin of thoracic artery

First recorded in 1720–30
Also called mammary artery.
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mammary artery in Medicine

thoracic artery

  1. The internal mammary artery, with origin in the subclavian artery and bifurcations to the musculophrenic and superior epigastric arteries; internal thoracic artery.
  2. The external mammary artery, with origin in the axillary artery and distribution to the muscles of the chest and mammary gland; lateral thoracic artery.
  3. An artery with origin in the axillary artery, with distribution to the muscles of the chest, and with anastomoses to the branches of the suprascapular, internal thoracic, and thoracoacromial arteries; superior thoracic artery.
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