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or time line

[ tahym-lahyn ]


  1. a linear representation of important events in the order in which they occurred.
  2. a schedule; timetable.
  3. Digital Technology.
    1. a collection of online posts or updates associated with a specific social media account, in reverse chronological order.
  4. an alternate reality in which events unfold differently, often beginning at a single identifiable moment of divergence that establishes a distinct but recognizable parallel existence: We’re stuck in the darkest timeline, trapped in a dystopian nightmare. parallel universe ( def 3 ).

    My free-love hippie mom just got engaged to a hedge fund manager—what timeline am I living in?

    We’re stuck in the darkest timeline, trapped in a dystopian nightmare.


/ ˈtaɪmˌlaɪn /


  1. a graphic representation showing the passage of time as a line
  2. a time frame during which something is scheduled to happen

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Word History and Origins

Origin of timeline1

First recorded in 1950–55; time ( def ) + line 1( def )

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Example Sentences

The Danish government may have an aggressive timeline, but it has released few details of its plans.

In addition to health and safety considerations, Ignatius noted that one major factor that will determine the timeline for expanded in-office availability will be schools.

From Digiday

Alexandria City Public Schools this week joined a flood of Northern Virginia school systems in setting firm timelines for reopening classrooms, vowing to welcome all students back for in-person learning by mid-March.

The district previously planned to welcome back young children and students with disabilities in late January, but the timeline was extended after labor negotiations failed.

The timeline approved by the Loudoun County School Board — on a vote of 8 to 1 — is less detailed and moves a little faster.

Just a month from that date, he now no longer believes that to be realistic, and will no longer estimate a timeline for the trial.

Timeline: Is the story still spreading at the time of the inquiry?

So, he has access to his entire timeline, and it was up to the visualizers to visualize it in some way that it might be.

With the complete camera record, he mapped out an indisputable timeline.

That timeline can serve as the backbone for the story our data tells.

The gas didn't work on me, you see, because it was adjusted to the physiology of that timeline.

I've made up the gas for him and adjusted the formula so that it will work on people of our timeline.


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More About Timeline

What is a timeline?

A timeline is a visual representation of chronological events on a line.

Timelines are often used in videos, textbooks, articles, or other media that is recounting history. In online news and entertainment, a timeline is also often used to keep track of events as they happen, especially for pressing stories such as major world events and important elections.

On social media, a timeline is a broad term that refers to a collection of posts on someone’s account. For example, on Twitter, a user’s timeline is full of posts that they and those they follow create in an order determined by algorithm. While some social media sites might officially refer to such a collection as a page, board, or home, they can all casually be called timelines.

Example: To recreate a timeline of events from that evening, we will need as many details as possible.

Where does timeline come from?

The first records of the term timeline come from the 1950s. It combines the terms time, referring to the metric used to measure existence, and line, meaning “a mark or stroke that is longer than it is wide.” A timeline effectively means “events arranged on a line in sequential order.”

In entertainment, especially in science fiction and fantasy in which plots can become complex or convoluted, timelines are often used to keep track of and summarize the stories. In these same genres the theme of time travel is also often dealt with, which brings up questions of timelines and effects time travel has on them. In these cases, there can be parallel or multiple existences running on different histories, or timelines.

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How is timeline used in real life?

A timeline is a chronological collection of events and is often used to list historical or fictional events.


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Part of our history assignment was to create a timeline of the important battles in World War II.

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