[ al-guh-rith-uhm ]
/ ˈæl gəˌrɪð əm /
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Mathematics. a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as the Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor.
Computers. an ordered set of instructions recursively applied to transform data input into processed data output, as a mathematical solution, descriptive statistics, internet search engine result, or predictive text suggestions.



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Origin of algorithm

First recorded in 1690–1700; variant of algorism, by association with Greek arithmós “number”; see arithmetic
al·go·rith·mic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for algorithm

/ (ˈælɡəˌrɪðəm) /


a logical arithmetical or computational procedure that if correctly applied ensures the solution of a problemCompare heuristic
logic maths a recursive procedure whereby an infinite sequence of terms can be generated
French name: algorism
algorithmic, adjectivealgorithmically, adverb
C17: changed from algorism, through influence of Greek arithmos number
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Medical definitions for algorithm

[ ălgə-rĭð′əm ]


A step-by-step protocol, as for management of health care problems.
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Scientific definitions for algorithm

[ ălgə-rĭð′əm ]

A finite set of unambiguous instructions performed in a prescribed sequence to achieve a goal, especially a mathematical rule or procedure used to compute a desired result. Algorithms are the basis for most computer programming.
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Cultural definitions for algorithm

[ (al-guh-rith-uhm) ]

A set of instructions for solving a problem, especially on a computer. An algorithm for finding your total grocery bill, for example, would direct you to add up the costs of individual items to find the total.

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