[ tahyth ]
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  1. Sometimes tithes. the tenth part of agricultural produce or personal income set apart as an offering to God or for works of mercy, or the same amount regarded as an obligation or tax for the support of the church, priesthood, or the like.

  2. any tax, levy, or the like, especially of one-tenth.

  1. a tenth part or any indefinitely small part of anything.

verb (used with object),tithed, tith·ing.
  1. to give or pay a tithe or tenth of (produce, money, etc.).

  2. to give or pay tithes on (crops, income, etc.).

  1. to exact a tithe from (a person, community, parish, etc.).

  2. to levy a tithe on (crops, income, etc.).

verb (used without object),tithed, tith·ing.
  1. to give or pay a tithe.

Origin of tithe

before 900; (noun) Middle English ti(ghe)the,Old English teogothatenth; (v.) Middle English tithen,Old English teogothian to take the tenth of, derivative of the noun
  • Also British, tythe .

Other words from tithe

  • titheless, adjective
  • un·tithed, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for tithe


/ (taɪð) /

  1. (often plural) Christianity a tenth part of agricultural or other produce, personal income, or profits, contributed either voluntarily or as a tax for the support of the church or clergy or for charitable purposes

  2. any levy, esp of one tenth

  1. a tenth or very small part of anything

  1. (tr)

    • to exact or demand a tithe or tithes from (an individual or group)

    • to levy a tithe upon (a crop or amount of produce, etc)

  2. (intr) to pay a tithe or tithes

Origin of tithe

Old English teogoth; related to Old Frisian tegotha, Old Saxon tegotho, Old High German zehando, Old Norse tīundi, Gothic taihunda

Derived forms of tithe

  • tither, noun

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Cultural definitions for tithe


A tenth part of one's annual income contributed to support the clergy or a church. The Mosaic law required the Israelites to pay a tithe for the support of worship.

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